One to One Nutrition Coaching 

Optimising the nutrition of Triathletes

Coaching for the first timer to multiple Ironman. Let Jamie Leighton (Head Coach) guide you to transform your training, body fat % and health

Jamie in action at a local race

All coaching is for a minimum of 3 months at $79 or £59 per month.

Alternatively pay up front for $215 or £155 for 3 months.

100% Money Back Guarantee:

If my coaching doesnt transform your training, body composition and health in 90 days, simply let me know and I will give you a full refund.

Skype Support

On sign up Jamie will speak via skype to assess your nutritional needs. Every 4 weeks, 30 mins skype time will then follow.

One to One Coaching 

Each week you will recieve targets based on calories and macro nutrients specifically built for you and your goals.

Weekly Check-ins

Each week, log your nutrition through simple and easy to use systems and you will recieve video feedback from Jamie on changes needed.

24/7 Email support

It is likely you will have questions and some hurdles which need overcoming, like nights out. Simply email Jamie 24/7 and he will coach you through these challenges.

Recovery Strategies

Often the key to long term success is unlocking good recovery sytems which allow you to feel great whilst losing body fat. Meaning much improved performance as well as fat lost.

Race Day Nutrition

A Pre, Post and During Race day plan will be built. This will be offered and created even if your main race is sometime in the future.

Let Jamie coach you to improved Perfromance, body fat % and health.

A proven system of nutrition coaching built arround you, NOT on fads or overly restrictive plans.

Lose fat whilst improving your performance and without starving yourself.

Each plan is built with performance as a priority. Whilst this will mean fat loss, feeling great is more important.

See what Nutri Tri clients say.

Hundreds of clients are glad they chose NT.

"I lost two stone in 3 months - my run times improved, my bike got faster and I knocked nearly 1 hour off my PB"

- Nick Yates - 2 x Ironman

"I had never completed a Triathlon in my life and was terrified of wearing a wetsuit in public. Jamie helped me feel race ready and I completed my first sprint in July 2017"

- Kathy Taylor - First time triathlete

"I've been running for years with a Marathon PB of 3:02. I knew how to train but my nutrition was holding me back. With Jamie's help I reached my goal of 2:58 in April 2017"

- Jenny Eachus

Improve your Nutrition Today: