Strength & Conditioning for Triathletes

S&C Programme & Support =£50

At Nutri Tri we also specialise in programme design for all levels of athletes.

As with nutrition we know there is almost too much information for you to consider when attempting to design your own programme.  Common mistakes can be to follow routines found in general fitness magazines designed for the general public NOT the competitive triathlete.  Alongside our nutrition coaching we also work face to face and online with athletes looking to:

  • Improve body composition through adding strength training
  • Reduce risk of injury
  • Develop and build core strength
  • Remove imbalances which can affect performance and increase injury risk

Once you purchase this plan we will contact you for a call via Skype/telephone to assess your needs.  A plan will then be built to fit your goals and you will have 4 weeks online coaching to tweak the programme.  The programme will be delivered via email and where relevant have video instruction.  Coaching will take place via email and Skype.