Nutrition Coaching Plans

Full Nutrition Plan (4 weeks support) = £99:
This is how we start work with all our clients.
With this plan you will be accurately assessed for your goals and needs and a bespoke plan will then be built.  When you receive your program you will then get four weeks of coaching to make sure we get adherence and the resulting success. You will get your programme via ebook format which will then be supported via weekly email access and skype.
  • Unlimited email access
  • 30 minute skype call in the 1st and 4th week of coaching
  • Coaching knowledge on Nutrition
  • Diet sheets checked weekly
  • Macronutrient split if required
  • Supplement plan if needed
  • Energy expenditure calculated
  • Pre, post, during race nutrition
  • Recovery considerations
  • Hydration strategy


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Monthly Coaching £50 per month
This is a follow on service to the above.  It is designed for those who feel that they will need continued support or who cannot achieve the required knowledge and change in 4 weeks.  All coaching clients begin with the initial payment for the £99 plan.
You can receive this coaching for as long as you feel helpful, usually a minimum of three moths but open to discussion on a case by case basis.  Cancelation must be given with 1 months notice.
With this service you will receive:
  • 1 x monthly Skype call for 60 minutes
  • Monthly measurements
  • Optional Monthly photographic evaluation
  • Weekly email check in
  • Weekly check in of adherence chart or my fitness pal stats

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